Sunday, February 14, 2010

Share any page from Safari on your iPhone with AddThis

As you might have guessed, I love to share interesting things I come across using AddThis. If I'm using my laptop or desktop mac, I can use AddThis for Firefox (or IE or Chrome or even a bookmarklet.)

If I'm using my iPhone, it's not as easy. If that website uses AddThis, no problem, I can use the handy iphone-optimized sharing menu. But if that site doesn't use AddThis yet, I have to use Safari's email-link feature. Not optimal.

Here's a bit of a hack that makes AddThis sharing easy from any page in Safari for iPhone.  These instructions will create a sharing "bookmarklet" for iPhone Safari – basically Javascript that looks and acts like a bookmark:
  1. Navigate to this page on your iPhone, and copy the Javascript below.
  2. Bookmark this page (or any page you like); save the bookmark wherever you'd like your bookmarklet to be.
  3. Open the bookmark menu on your iPhone (it's on the bottom menu in Safari, the icon that looks like an open book), navigate to the bookmark you just created, and edit it.
  4. Change the name of the bookmark to "Share", or whatever you'd like to call it. 
  5. Remove the saved URL completely, and paste the copied Javascript where the URL was and save the changes.
Here's the Javascript code:


Now, when you want to share a page, just open the bookmarks menu in Safari on your iPhone, select your new Share bookmarklet, and instead of navigating to another page Safari will execute the Javascript and share the page using AddThis.

Big hat tip to my partner in crime Jeff Wong for this tip.


  1. hi there, i don't get it...

    i've created a bookmark and edited it replacing the URL with the js code but when i try to share it seems to load something but i cannot choose where to publish the shared URL, where it supossed to share the page? i like to share the links on twitter...

  2. sorry, it works now... it seems that when i was copied the code for the first time it was missing some chars, i've edited the bookmark for a second time and it worked, thanks for the info, it is useful.

  3. Glad you found it useful, enjoy!

  4. Still works in 2011, even for an ipod touch newbie. Thanks!

  5. Nice, but doesn't include Google+