Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Unsubscribing, and the Power of Guilt

I tried out Groupon a while back, while I was checking out different services for local online coupons. Finding myself just deleting the daily emails, I decided to just unsubscribe to help keep my inbox empty.

When I unsubscribed, I stumbled upon a clever idea for getting folks to resubscribe:

Now, I'm not normally a cruel person, but could *you* resist punishing Derrick? 
I didn't think so.

His coworker then proceeds to berate and attack him:

Poor Derrick, lying on the floor, suffering. Don't you feel badly for punishing him? Just a little? 

Wouldn't you feel better if you... resubscribed? 

Yeah, I didn't either, but still very creative.

If you feel Derrick still hasn't suffered enough, you can give him his just desserts here:

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