Wednesday, April 13, 2011

No, The Check-In Isn't Dead

Blog post highlighting the argument whether check-ins are an important component feature going forward, or a passing fad (I'd argue the former.)

The author proceeds to posit that a check-in feature is just that – a feature – that exists to tell the app you're doing something, and to share that something with your friends. I suspect there's an affinity component as well – I'm going to be less likely to check-in to a place I don't like, or with which I don't want to associate myself.

Thus, the inverse is true: if I check-in, I'm expressing at least a neutral and more likely positive regard or relevance to me for the "brand" of that place.

Do you agree? Are check-ins a passing fad or here to stay? Do you think checking in means more than just passing along information?

Read more on Business Insider:  No, The Check-In Isn't Dead

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