Friday, May 27, 2011

Dotting the 'i's: Annotation Applescript for Omnigraffle

I'm a big fan of Omnigraffle for wireframing and concept diagrams; we use Omnigraffle at Clearspring when we create UI deliverables for We don't always develop detailed docs – often we're rapidly iterating and work directly in code – but when we do, there's always the job of writing the specs for the wireframe.

This post by Meredith Noble from Usability Matters outlines using Applescript to automatically add, increment, remove, and decrement "wireframe dots" in a wireframe: those little numbers providing labels to each of the specs. Changing all the numbers because one was added or removed during the design process is a pain, why not let a script do the work?

Read on:

     • Annotation (“Wireframe Dot”) Applescripts for Omnigraffle | usability matters™

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