Thursday, June 30, 2011

Google Design Changes (finally!)

There have been a lot of changes in Google products of late, particularly long overdue design updates of core products and the release of Google+ which isn't a Facebook competitor (they *swear*...)

Google Calendar is one of the products with a new look, and the product team describes the rationale of these changes to their product designs:
  • Focus: clear out clutter and focus on what matters
  • Elasticity: make transitions between products, and between desktop and mobile, seamless
  • Effortlessness: make things easy while providing powerful features in the background.
The result is a much cleaner experience. Google's products are now connected by a global product navigation bar providing easy access to the most popular products, as well as account information. The calendar interface is streamlined and more graphically sophisticated, with CSS-based controls instead of links. The end result is polished and highly usable.

You'll discover similar design treatments in search and other Google products, which helps to tie the products together and create overall cohesion that Google has lacked in the past. Kudos to their design team.

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