Thursday, August 23, 2012

Moving into new AddThis headquarters

Yesterday was the big reveal of the new AddThis HQ for the whole VA team. Everyone's excited to start working in our new space on Monday... here're some pics from yesterday's tour. Kudos to Jeff, Robert, Lorri, Carol, Will and all the other folks who worked so hard to create an awesome space for AddThis to continue to grow.


Conference room:

Soon to be our wall of network data:

Working area:

Cafe (also the new home of the NoVA UX meetups):

Cafe serving area, with our CTO Stewart Allen first in line for lunch...:


  1. Wow! This space is amazing! So excited for you guys! Someday maybe I'll come live closer so I can visit. Congrats AddThis and Jim!

  2. Thanks, we're all very excited to get started in the new digs Monday morning.

  3. Great Space! I am happy for you guys

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